Software Development

London Systemax has become a long term reliable partner to many businesses worldwide with its experienced and resourceful software developers, reliable QA testers and efficient project managers. Are you ready to take the first step to the next level?

In London Systemax we are seriously convinced that in most cases a pre-developed software product or a professional customization of one can suffice to meet business needs. However, there are situations when this is impossible – this is when custom software development can become quite handy.

We provide requirements analysis, design, development, implementation and support of both Windows and Web based Application. Contact us for free and no-obligation for initial advice regarding your custome requirements. 

Our team of experienced developers work together with our business consultants to provide an end-to-end solutions including:

Provide Complete solution on Microsoft Platform...
Provide Complete solution on Oracle Platform...

Client Server Application

Database design and development

E-Commerce Application

Support for any legacy system

Bar Code System including POS

MS SharePoint services

IT Service Management

Mobile and SMS applications

London systemax uses the following platform to develop custome software : Microsoft visual Studio, .NET, Sql Server, Oracle Developer and Oracle Database. Applications can run not only personal computers and servers but also in iphone. To inquire about our services please click here

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