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London Systemax Ltd. offers a Standardized Software Development Process to our clients to ensure world-class services. The entire process is controlled and followed by a dedicated Software Analyst for each project. Also, the process we follow negates any chances of errors by plugging in customer approvals at every crucial stage of the Software Development effort.

The Software Development Process would be a series of planned and standard development steps. The process would require close coordination between the client and our creative technical team. So if you are not interested in routine and monotonous tasks, our professionals are always ready to accept challenges and develop applications that can be implemented across varied technology platforms.

Developed company site

Our strength and expertise lies in Software Development and Ecommerce Website Development for blue chip companies. Our professional Portal Development team's primary focus is the look and feel of the website including the design and layout. The way the products catalogue is maintained, the ease of handling the shopping cart and editing it during the shopping process, the ease in making a secure payment is all dependent on how well the portal is being developed and managed by the business owner.

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