Private Policy

Your privacy is important to London Systemax Ltd. We are committed to protecting the privacy of all those who provide us with their contact information while using our information, products or services. This policy describes the ways that personally identifiable and anonymous information about our publication subscribers, online media product users, and event registrants is collected, how that information might be shared, and how you can request changes to the way your personal information is used or shared. This privacy statement applies to websites operated by London Systemax Ltd.

Webdsite Use

No visitor to this web site may distribute, exchange, modify, sell, or transmit any information published on this Site, including but not limited to any text or images for any business or commercial purpose. The site cannot be used for or involved in illegal activity of any kind.

Our Security

Our site has advanced security measures to prevent data loss, misuse or alteration. All your personal information resides behind a firewall, and access to it is restricted to most of London Systemax personnel.


If your browser is set to allow cookies, we may store small amounts of information on your computer about what parts of our websites you have visited and what features you like best. We also may use cookies to identify visitors so that they don't have to re-enter their usernames and passwords. By allowing us to understand how you use our site over time, cookies can help us provide you with a better, more relevant online experience. 

The cookies we store on your computer are not accessible on any other companies' websites. Most browsers allow you to modify your security to accept or reject cookies. You need not have cookies turned on to visit our site, but without them, your access to some areas may be limited.

Your Personal Information

We will never reveal any details that you give to us to any third party, except our professional advisors or as required by law, without your express consent. We do not collect your contact details simply for browsing the site; they are only collected for the purposes of responding to your requests for information

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If you wish to opt out of receiving email, faxes, or phone calls from London Systemax Ltd. business, please send an email to and specify what you wish to opt out of.

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